Greetings from US 🌚

I believe it has been about a month and two weeks since I first step my foot on the land of United States! My voyage since spm examination felt very long before I could pursue my study in the US. Technically, I started at kmkn (where I was suppose to fly either to Australia or New Zealand) under MARA, then I went to Intec (where I did my american degree foundation) after receiving a JPA scholarship. Surviving at Intec was very hard. The subjects on the first semester were quite easy and relaxed. However, it was my first time being graded with the american universities grading system (see below). Second and summer semester was very hard tbh and there was many activities going on plus the heavy workloads every week, ahhh the memories of suffering 😶

Oh no, it's not as scary as you's far scarier haha. But alhamdulillah with helps and supports from my families, friends, lecturers and not to forget the Almighty, I managed to fly first year :) I am beyond thankful for everything, even up until now. 

See, the thing is, growing up to the stories of my parents' experience studying in the US made me hope that I would be able to study overseas too. And who knew that turns out, I managed to further mine in the same country (not state tho) where they studied hehe. Hence, begun my own story that I hope I would be able to tell to my own children one day 😝

Okay, based on the US map, I'm in the state of Wisconsin. By the way, the state of Wisconsin itself is as big as Peninsular Malaysia haha probably larger. It's the yellow colored one beside Minnesota and Michigan 

Getting into one of the good schools is very honorable but at the same time frightening because this university is harbored with super intelligent people, I kinda feel stupid sometimes :/ But, like my mom said, you just gotta keep working hard and make the best out of everything. So here's to the four years to come (in sha Allah) in University of Wisconsin, Madison!

The university is quite weird and different from what I imagined. The campus is integrated with the city henceforth all the departments are scattered throughout the city. Unlike in Malaysia, the campus is centralized at one location so it's not that far to get around. Well, depends on how big the campus are lah like UIA i've went to the campus and I find it very big but still, imagine the whole city is filled with departments here departments there.... haha

There's like two lakes around campus; Lake Mendota and Lake Mannona. This was the nearest to our apartment, Lake Mendota. I think my most favorite bulding so far is the Capitol cause it looks so cool, reminded me of hunger games lol but i've never went inside haha 

Seeing squirrels is like seeing cats back in Malaysia. It's literally everywhere but unfortunately none of them that i've encountered are friendly :( I miss seeing cats, there's no cats here. If you wanna keep one, you need a permit or license lol why? The birds here are so fat haha it's like very round and white unlike Malaysia's birds they're darker and not this fluffy.

Celebrating Independence Day here wasn't that fun anyway cause like there are no events here huhu

Carleen (in blue) and Deb (in black) are very very kind towards all of us. They brought us to thrift shops on their free days and even picnic for the new students hehe

The apple farm

Aidiladha celebration with these ladies. I'm looking forward to the days up ahead with them, though my first midterm results are not that great. I guess I need to work extra hard since the grading system here is tougher compared to back in Intec..

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